A Prayer for Christmas Day 2020

Welcome, Jesus, as a babe you came. Today we remember. We pause and remember the gift of hope, packaged in a simple child. When all is too big, complex and frustrating, help us to look for the simple hope, and the hope of the small and simple. We pause and remember the gift of beauty,Continue reading “A Prayer for Christmas Day 2020”

A Prayer for Sunday 20th December 2020

Light brings hope in the darkness. We wait for that light now, o God. Light reveals what was always there but we could not see. We seek that revelation, o God. Light warms the space it touches and blesses it with life. Enliven us now, o God. Light lifts what we see from a staticContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 20th December 2020”

A Prayer for Sunday 13th December 2020

As the rose blooms in the rain, on this Gaudete Sunday may we lift our faces to the storm clouds and sing your praises anyway. As the rose produces a beautiful, sweet scent when all around it the stench of manure is ripe, on this Gaudete Sunday may we be fragrant as the fruits ofContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 13th December 2020”

A Prayer for Sunday 6th December, 2nd Sunday of Advent

God, in your wisdom, you gave us waiting before blessing. You gave us frustration before achievement. You gave us trial and error before success. You gave us wrestling before realisation. You gave us learning before knowledge. You gave us the journey before the destination God, and I thank You for it. Give us Peace thisContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 6th December, 2nd Sunday of Advent”

Revise or Reclaim?

This week my approach to theology was called ‘revisionist’ in a discussion on Twitter. I found that very thought provoking, but not in the way the person on the other screen intended. I have every confidence, through prayer, discernment, study and discipleship, that my approach adheres to the teachings of Jesus. I write as IContinue reading “Revise or Reclaim?”