A Prayer for Sunday 28th February 2021

As we wait this Lent, for things to change and new life ahead, wait with us, God of all. All who rejoice and all who mourn All who dance and all who are still All who sing and all who wail All who celebrate and all who grieve All who thrive and all who wiltContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 28th February 2021”

Prayers for Sunday 21st February 2021

We’re hanging on by our fingertips, God. They’re bruised and sore. Soothe them, Spirit of healing. Smother them with balm and cover them in silken wrappings, that they may be refreshed and made whole again. Keep us fit for the road ahead as we walk alongside you Jesus, and our fellow pilgrims. We keep haulin’,Continue reading “Prayers for Sunday 21st February 2021”

Prayers for Sunday 14th February 2021; Racial Justice Sunday

On this day, I sit and reflect on why we need to pull out Racial Justice as a single thread. Social Justice as a whole is our reason for being as followers of Christ, after all. Yet who can look back over the furore surrounding Jarel Robinson-Brown in recent weeks and deny a discourse aroundContinue reading “Prayers for Sunday 14th February 2021; Racial Justice Sunday”