From the Heart is Always Enough

I make it a key part of my presence online to encourage others, intentionally working to build others up as I have been invested in (1 Thessalonians 5:11). Yet I have seen a saddening trend recently, of amazing ministers, advocates and activists becoming frustrated, disillusioned and downcast. Easy to see why this would be theContinue reading “From the Heart is Always Enough”

Change or No Change

I’ve had enough change for a while. My soul is often restless. Before I complete one thing, I’m focusing on the next. Years of moving through the education system, then entering the teaching profession which values reflective practice and continuing professional development. Retraining, building a business, diversifying due to Covid. I’ve been through a lotContinue reading “Change or No Change”

It’s been a While …

I love writing. I love blogging. I also love feeding my children. This year has been so tough. The cost of living crisis has impacted so many of us, and bills keep climbing. More and more of my time has been spent on the ‘day job’, writing for money, with less and less capacity toContinue reading “It’s been a While …”