A Prayer for Sunday 11th October 2020

God of all, in us and with us, we need your help this day. Help us to bring joy, not pain. Help us to know our limits, not push past them. Help us to reach out, not wither inward. Help us to seek others, not seek solitude. Help us to join together, not push apart.Continue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 11th October 2020”

Mobility Aids and Making the Best

My son looked at me deadly seriously last night and said ‘Mummy, I’m a bit worried about you, since lockdown you’ve turned into a Granny’. He’s not wrong. I was walking around in six layers, two of them crochet. Actually, I wasn’t walking, I was doing a kinda shuffle/hobble thing, which I’ve been doing forContinue reading “Mobility Aids and Making the Best”

A Prayer for Sunday 27th September 2020

God, so many are struggling. Today we thank you for the help. For medications, herbs, comfort food and nice warm drinks. Thank you. For mobility aids, weighted blankets, swiss balls and hot water bottles. Thank you. For Therapists, Support Workers, Pastoral Carers and darn good friends. Thank you. For your Spirit when all else fails,Continue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 27th September 2020”

A Prayer for Sunday 20th September 2020

God who creates, who created all things and inspires us to create with our own bodies, be with us now. Breathe new life into our weary souls, that we may be inspired afresh, and renewed to create again. May we reach beyond the limitations of what we know, explore beyond what is readily available, andContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 20th September 2020”

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Sinaed O’Connor. No Doubt. Whitney. Love ’em all. The tears and the raised glasses of wine as we sing hopelessly out of pitch along to those powerhouses, putting into words and music our feelings of utter despondency and grief. Sugababes. Little Mix. Gloria. Raising the tempo. The high heels and the power dressing as weContinue reading “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”