Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Sinaed O’Connor. No Doubt. Whitney. Love ’em all. The tears and the raised glasses of wine as we sing hopelessly out of pitch along to those powerhouses, putting into words and music our feelings of utter despondency and grief. Sugababes. Little Mix. Gloria. Raising the tempo. The high heels and the power dressing as weContinue reading “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”

A Prayer for Sunday 13th September 2020

Joy. Often fleeting. Often desired. Often missed. Spirit of Joy, stir in our hearts today and always. Lead us to moments of Joy throughout our daily experience, and highlight them as they appear. Raise our eyes from the dimness and the tears, the frustrations and the fear, to the moments of clarity and the secondsContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 13th September 2020”

Unity but at What Cost?

Another week, another dispute on church twitter, this time about an advert for a position for a leader in a religious organisation stating a genuine occupational requirement for the occupant to be a man. Why? Because there will be people under the remit of the role who cannot take leadership from a woman because ofContinue reading “Unity but at What Cost?”

A Prayer for Sunday 30th August 2020

The Spirit is moving. Let us act. God, a new time is coming. Lockdowns are lifting, schools and buildings are reopening, steps toward life as we used to know it continue. Tentatively. Cautiously. With trepidation. The Spirit is moving. Let us act. God, bring us together, give us the strength to support eachother and meetContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 30th August 2020”

So Many Levels of Grief

The blank stare. The puffy eyes. The pile of blankets and the listlessness. Grief and sadness are setting up camp for a while. We’ve all lost so much through Covid-19. People, opportunities, livelihoods. Cracks have widened and things we could cope with before we just can’t now. Loss underpins everything. We should be doing this.Continue reading “So Many Levels of Grief”

Mind, Body and Spirit

I have body issues. I spent a lot of time in my 20s with bad theology, learning that spirit was good, body was bad. I am now spending time in my 30s with more gracious theology and the learning of more holistic approaches to therapy training behind me, that without a balance of mind, bodyContinue reading “Mind, Body and Spirit”