A Prayer for Sunday 28th February 2021

As we wait this Lent, for things to change and new life ahead, wait with us, God of all. All who rejoice and all who mourn All who dance and all who are still All who sing and all who wail All who celebrate and all who grieve All who thrive and all who wiltContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 28th February 2021”

Prayers for Sunday 21st February 2021

We’re hanging on by our fingertips, God. They’re bruised and sore. Soothe them, Spirit of healing. Smother them with balm and cover them in silken wrappings, that they may be refreshed and made whole again. Keep us fit for the road ahead as we walk alongside you Jesus, and our fellow pilgrims. We keep haulin’,Continue reading “Prayers for Sunday 21st February 2021”

Prayers for Sunday 14th February 2021; Racial Justice Sunday

On this day, I sit and reflect on why we need to pull out Racial Justice as a single thread. Social Justice as a whole is our reason for being as followers of Christ, after all. Yet who can look back over the furore surrounding Jarel Robinson-Brown in recent weeks and deny a discourse aroundContinue reading “Prayers for Sunday 14th February 2021; Racial Justice Sunday”

A Prayer for Sunday 31st January 2021

God of Hope, when there is little to be found, we look to you this day. We look to you the week the UK passed 100,000 deaths from Covid-19, a grim milestone unimaginable at the start, and wholly preventable. So much lost hope, despair and anguish. Reignite in us the hope, joy and peace thatContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 31st January 2021”

A Prayer for Sunday 24th January 2021

God of Justice, God of Hope, we look to you today. Thank you for those who work tirelessly to bring justice and restoration to your people here on earth. Those who do so quietly, in foodbanks and rape crisis centres. Those who do so loudly on TV interviews and social media. All at personal cost,Continue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 24th January 2021”

A Prayer for Sunday 17th January 2021

God who sees all we do, think and are, we lay all our efforts before you today. When all seems futile and the bigger picture seems overwhelming, may we keep on walking our unique path with You. When our work is criticised and our products rebuked, when our motives questioned and our characters misunderstood, mayContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 17th January 2021”

A Prayer for Sunday 10th January 2021

What a messy world we live in God. Yet as the snow falls, what beauty I see. As we reflect on a week of violence, shocked by scenes of terrorism, angered that it has not been called out as such, and dismayed at the injustice our brothers and sisters arrested under the banner of BlackContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 10th January 2021”

A Prayer for Sunday 3rd January 2021

God, Spirit, Jesus, bring us life at the dawn of this new year. As we look forward to better times while acknowledging we are still living through very tough days; God, Spirit, Jesus, bring us life at the dawn of this new year. As we hold on to you as our hope, when there mayContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 3rd January 2021”