I’ve felt the heartache of Ophelia and Andromache. I’ve waited with Juliet and watched with Penelope. I’ve grieved with Othello and rooted for Odysseus. I’ve even empathised with Circe and understood Shylock. I’ve had my heart broken with Fantine and Eponine. I’ve had my heart shattered over and over with Scarlett O’Hara! And in writingContinue reading “Heartsore”

Reflections on Bereavement

When you lose someone dear to you, there is no experience like it. That moment, should you be by their side at their death or receive the news second hand, never leaves you. They have left, but the moment of their leaving will not. Funny, that. The firsts begin. The first time you enter intoContinue reading “Reflections on Bereavement”