A Prayer for Sunday 13th December 2020

As the rose blooms in the rain, on this Gaudete Sunday may we lift our faces to the storm clouds and sing your praises anyway. As the rose produces a beautiful, sweet scent when all around it the stench of manure is ripe, on this Gaudete Sunday may we be fragrant as the fruits ofContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 13th December 2020”

A Prayer for Sunday 22nd November 2020

God of all, ever and always, bigger than words and vaster than imagining, As the tides turn and the seasons change, may we lean into our love for you. As we learn, grow, develop and progress, may we lean into our love for you. As we struggle, challenge, wrestle and tense, may we lean intoContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 22nd November 2020”

Reflections and Resolutions

Oh what joy. The salt in the air, the movement of the breeze. The freshness tingling all around in the very atoms of the atmosphere. The gulls, the sand, the roll of the waves, the call of the foghorn and that moment, oh that moment, where the tide is going out and the water almostContinue reading “Reflections and Resolutions”

A Prayer for Sunday 12th July

A slightly different prayer today. I wrote this song in half an hour yesterday morning after some quiet time with God, and then took the step of recording it this morning as my prayer. May it bless you, may you know you are not alone, may we lament together as we cry out to GodContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 12th July”