A Prayer for Sunday 3rd May

Holy Spirit who inspires, I thank you for the launch of this Blog. May it be a light in the darkness for those who seek to encounter you.

Jesus, the greatest revolutionary, I thank you for your example of inclusion, advocacy and love. May we commit to loving others in a way that fully honours your message.

God who Mothers, tend to us all now, as we live through the uncertainty of pandemic, lockdown and disconnection. May we know we are always connected at the deepest level of our beings as we resonate with you in prayer.

Today, may we know rest. May we learn to lay our lives at your feet for this day gifted to us for restoration. For rest is as essential to us as oxygen, it is our right and joy. Soothe us, strengthen us and prepare us for the week ahead as we seek to love and serve others, and you.


Peace be with you.

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