Deconstructing Church

Writing my way to an inclusive and affirming Church

A Prayer for Sunday 10th May

As we gather dispersed today, as we find church in our own ways today, as we negotiate this new normal at a time of renewed uncertainty around the weeks to come. God, be with us.

As we seek to self care, as we strive to balance work and life, as we stay at home craving to be free to leave. God, be with us.

As we care for our neighbours, as we check on our friends, as we attend to our family, God be with us.

As we reach for the convenience food, move from bed to sofa and barely keep it together. God be with us.

As we just take it one breath at a time, one moment at a time, one prayer at a time. God be with us.


Peace be with you.

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About Me

Hello, I’m Rebecca! I am a neurodivergent cishet woman living with Long Covid. I am a qualified and registered Music Therapist, and a Tutor. My specialist interests are faith, spirituality, music and social justice (including safeguarding). I write when I feel like it and have the ‘spoons’. I co-lead the online faith community The Ordinary Office, and write for various blogs, books and resources as required.

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