Agreeing to Disagree

I love a good sit down discussion about what people actually think!

Yesterday, a reader sent me a message telling me that they disagreed with my post. I was so pleased! I am discovering so much, sometimes even as I am in the middle of writing a post, but I don’t profess to be the authoritative internet expert on all things God. Far from it, I am a seeker and a learner, and I can only truly learn if I test different stances, explore different viewpoints and make informed decisions around what I accept into my belief system and what I don’t.

Romans 14:1-13 deals with this directly, using a number of examples believers in the early church were struggling to reconcile amongst themselves. Paul advises that each believer is trying to honour God in their choices, and that we should not cause issues by judging those choices, leaving that to God. Yet we should focus on the commonality of our choice to honour God, and how we can work together to do Their work.

So whether my reader and I agree or disagree on the validity of certain theological approaches, stances, interpretations or expositions is irrelevant as long as we are both honouring of God in the conversation, trying to live out Their plan for our lives as best we can, and come back to centring Love in the process (or if atheist/agnostic, then at least respectful!). On that basis, I’m happy for anyone to disagree with me any time!

Peace be with You.

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