A Prayer for Sunday 7th June

Prayers feel tough to write today, God. As I look out at the world and see fear, illness, protests, inequality and injustice, it is easy to despair. I see people desperately trying to do the best they can in unprecedented circumstances, and life is hard. It will be for a while. Mistrust and conflict fills the air, people sit separate and alone, hurting. Aching for peace.

Mother God, heal your world. Give us the peace we need to persevere, the courage we need to reach out, the strength we need to face the difficulties. Instil in us the deep yearning that calls us to search for something more, and may that searching lead us to you. May we look up, lock eyes on you, know your loving gaze covering us as you sing your sweet soothing melodies of love over our lives. May we then take your compassion and pour it out on those around us, so we may become communities which tackle a broken world with complete love.


Peace be with you.

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