A Prayer for Sunday 14th June

Abwoon, Abba, Father, and Mother God. The world is in so much pain right now. We see anger like we’ve never know it. A rage which comes from deep hurt and lifelong frustrations. Not just our lives but those of our parents and grandparents. All coming to a boil now while we are isolated, scared, confused.

Jesus, thank you for your words spoken and recorded many years ago which speak into our daily situations right here and now. We thank you that whatever we are feeling, you felt it too and you know a deep empathy that comes from having walked the same path as we are. In our wilderness moments you smile wistfully and nod, remembering your own. In our loneliness you remember the moment you were cast our of your own home town and you know. You know.

Holy Spirit, we trust you to fan the flames where they need to burn, and to cool the breeze where they need to subside. In all the rage, help us to discern where our energy is best spent, in the healthiest way, so we can be a light for Your people while also not burning our wicks to the end. Call us to rise up where we need to stand and be counted, and sit down when others need to be more visible than we do. Give us grace for when we fall, and grace for when others fall around us. Keep our faith strong in the knowledge that your love is universal, free, and encompasses any and all labels our fragile humanity could place on anyone.


Peace be with you.

Published by Rebecca

I am a Music Therapist, Worship Leader and Theologian with The Ordinary Office, an online community for disabled and disenfranchised Christians. As a writer, seeker and learner, I have a special interest in music and spirituality, and I believe that Jesus' message of love for one another supersedes religious rules and doctrines that harm. Focusing on inclusive and liberation theologies, through a lens of disability and trauma-informed approaches, I take my lived experiences and transform pain into action, living out God's call upon my life as a 'Twitter Mystic' and 'Prophetic Voice' - although I just get on with calling things as I see them without the fancy labels, really. I hope you find something here which interests and challenges you. Feel free to contact me for discussion any time!

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