But How?

This is not an image of me, weary and frustrated, but it so could be at times!

Yesterday I wrote about perseverance, and finding fellowship in different places. The thing is, that can be easier said than done. So how?

Twitter is a great resource, but also quite an odd place. There is so much incredible work going on over there, inspirational people, writers, organisations. Friendly Tweeps, open communities, inclusive voice. I love it all. But like everything, there are downside. Trolls abound. Anyone who raises their head over the parapet risks abuse. Those who can hide behind their keyboard and a fake avatar can do the worst damage to those who are brave enough to put their names and faces to their work. I have seen people I respect and appreciate brought to their knees for what they share.

So why would anyone bother? Well, those of us who do know we need to. There are so many people out there still held captive by fake Christianity, by theology that is more about keeping the rich powerful than feeding the poor. Good people with hearts of gold that buy into oppressive systems because they’ve never been exposed to anything different. The fact that people exist to tear others doing this work down is indication enough that we need change. For surely all Christians who disagree can do so in kindness, yes? (Ephesians 4:32)

We also have to recognise that many of us speaking up are also exhausted from having to do so. My neurodivergence means that I get tired more easily, as it is harder for me to process a world geared towards neurotypical people. If I try to get involved in too many activities, or work all day and then have an evening planned, I struggle to function well the next day. If I spend a day writing, I have to book the next day out to process. Every person you see pushing their voice for the minority also has a life, family, a job, responsibilities. They do what they do as an added extra. This deserves respect.

So as much as I would love to issue a call to arms and start an online church, an online life group, an online worship collective, and all the other amazing ideas I have in my head that would each take most of my week on their own, I don’t. Because I know I can’t do that for the sake of my own mental health and that of my family. I also trust in God’s timing and that They will call me to whatever They want me to do next. This, this is how. Proverbs 3:5-6 says

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight. (NIV)

Right now, they want me to write. So, I will keep writing.

From tomorrow, Our Bible App will be publishing a 7 day devotional I have written, sharing my voice with a wider audience and hopefully helping broaden their own reach to my little corner of the internet too. I highly recommend you check it out. I’m also slightly nervous about what response I may be letting myself in for! As much as I can have a plan for dealing with trolls, the reality is another matter. So I’ll be giving this next seven days and beyond to God, trusting in their path-building skills, taking one step in front of the next, and waiting with anticipation to see where it leads!

Peace be with you.


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