A Prayer for Sunday 29th November 2020, Advent Sunday

God, as we start this time of waiting, we feel we have already spent so much of this year suspended, on hold.

Waiting for reprieves that have not yet come.

Waiting to embrace our families when it is still not safe to.

Waiting for release, when we may start to truly rebuild our lives.

Waiting to see what, or indeed who, will be left at the end of this period in our lives, and what the cost will ultimately be.

Waiting to face the true extent of the challenge ahead of us, as we begin our recovery journeys mentally, spiritually, socially, and for many of us physically.

Spirit, in our waiting, move amongst us.

Jesus, in our waiting, walk beside us.

God, in our waiting, instil in us the absolute confidence you have us in the palm of your hand, where whatever happens, we will always be safely yours.


Peace be with you

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