The Stark Reality

When an overdramatic title draws you in, but you realise very quickly it isn’t overdramatic at all …

One of the blessings I find each year after the chaos of Christmas is time to read the pile of books I have generally accrued that year. This Boxing Day I pulled ‘Bad Theology Kills’ (one of my birthday stack) off the shelf and idly began flicking, but by page two my attention was sharply standing to attention. This work was revolutionary. I mean, I’d said for a while in my own deconstruction the difference between choosing traditional theology and choosing liberal loving theology was life or death, but this writer was nailing it – in a way that made me want to weep and woop in equal measure.

Their stories started to leap off the page – they were mine too! Their experiences – I’d lived through some of those exact conversations. The frameworks they presented for why gave my soul a chance, finally, to find some peace with it all in a final, logical way. They get it. Someone gets me. More than that, they are doing the same thing I am, speaking up because we just can’t reconcile silence and standing by any longer.

Everyone who calls themselves a Christian should read this book. We have a responsibility to understand the pain we cause when we continue to uphold theological stances ‘because that’s what the Bible says’ without constantly examining what that actually means, how and when we learned that, where on the Wesleyan Quad we sit, etc etc … when we KNOW our stance is directly reaponsible for abuse, homelessness and death.

If you read it and don’t change your stance, that’s up to you, but the challenge will stir your soul I promise, and that can only be a good thing …

Peace be with you … but maybe not too much this time!

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