Prayers for Sunday 11th April 2021

God who celebrates us as we are – whole, scarred, confident, nervous, joyful, angry, and everything in between – be with us this day.

Be with the bereaved, as we are given a stark reminder this week that death comes to us all. Bless all those who mourn, from the Royal family to our closest neighbours. For all are treasured by you.

Be with the uncertain, as more restrictions lift this week and we each have our own responses to navigate. Temper our enthusiasm with wisdom, and soothe our anxiety with peace. For all are treasured by you.

Be with the vulnerable, the ones watching from their windows as they feel life returning to normal for everyone else. Reassure us, Jesus, you are walking with us at our own pace, and we are never alone. In each individual journey there is meaning and purpose. For all are treasured by you.

God who celebrates us as we are, who was resurrected to us scarred in Jesus so we could know wholeness as we are, may we learn not to stick our fingers in our own wounds today, but to have faith in your presence above all. Draw our gaze to you. In Love.


Peace be with you


  1. “Temper our enthusiasm with wisdom,”

    I am not sure about this: Advice like this can be used as a way of shutting us up. What if the enthusiasm is God-given and the advice to temper is from someone who is scared that the Holy Spirit may say something they may not like.

    Holy Spirit, give us discernment. Amen.


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