Peace in Restless Times

A few weeks ago, I found some unexpected space in my day. I grabbed a book, kicked off my shoes and sat in the garden with my toes in the grass. It was grounding. I was at peace.

It happens so rarely in the hectic life of a working mum of two with a part time ministry and a series of chronic conditions. When it does, it is such a treat. I need to make it happen more. A new year resolution perhaps? But also, intentionality about making peace in restless times is vital to our wellbeing.

There is so much anger, angst, vitriol and hatred out there. Social media brings it directly into our homes. The only way to combat this is to cultivate peace. Actively practice the peaceful response – if a response is needed at all! Demonstrate the disarming power of peace. It really does work!

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. If we follow his way, then we too should value peace. Whether that is holding a vigil to remember victims of violence against women, refusing to rise to provocation, or simply taking half an hour each day to be at one with God. All are steps towards a more peaceful world.

And we all need that!

Peace be with you.


Published by Rebecca

I am a Music Therapist, Worship Leader and Theologian with The Ordinary Office, an online community for disabled and disenfranchised Christians. As a writer, seeker and learner, I have a special interest in music and spirituality, and I believe that Jesus' message of love for one another supersedes religious rules and doctrines that harm. Focusing on inclusive and liberation theologies, through a lens of disability and trauma-informed approaches, I take my lived experiences and transform pain into action, living out God's call upon my life as a 'Twitter Mystic' and 'Prophetic Voice' - although I just get on with calling things as I see them without the fancy labels, really. I hope you find something here which interests and challenges you. Feel free to contact me for discussion any time!

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