A Prayer for Sunday 2nd May 2021

God of Unity, today I am thankful for Community. I thank you for leaders who give their all, however much or little that may be, from whatever position that may be, to one person or many. Bless us all in our service to eachother and to you. I thank you for communities where all areContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 2nd May 2021”

A Prayer for Sunday 25th April 2021

Like a gull soars over the ocean, roaming watchfully, may your gaze soar over us. Like a dolphin plays gracefully in the waves, dancing lightly, may your Spirit dance with us. Like a child watching the sand trickle through their fingers, gasping in awe, may we always stand in awe of you. Like a crabContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 25th April 2021”

A Prayer for Sunday 28th March 2021, Palm Sunday

God who showed us the way to live is not through greatness, but through humility, help us to always seek the way of service over the way of glory. Jesus who rode into Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey, knowing what was to come, help us to always walk the path before us with grace evenContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 28th March 2021, Palm Sunday”

A Prayer for Sunday 21st March 2021

Spirit who calls us to brave and bold steps, may we never lose the courage to say ‘yes’. Spirit who leads us as we speak out against injustice, may we never lose the courage to raise our voices loud. Spirit who refills us as we run empty from our endeavours, may we never lost theContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 21st March 2021”

A Prayer for Sunday 7th March 2021

God who parents, nurtures, co-creates and delights in our growth. We thank you today for all we are. For the melodies you sing over us and the tapestries you weave, knowing we will become them one day even as we weep into the broken mess which is all we see; we thank you for theContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 7th March 2021”