The Gospel as you’ve Never Heard it Before!

Recently, I was introduced to The Beatbox Gospel by Rev’d Gav Tyte. I was raised in the classical music tradition. and the one beatbox training session I had for my Music Therapy course was more hilarity than success. However, I have used it to connect with people in my work, my son and I haveContinue reading “The Gospel as you’ve Never Heard it Before!”

Prayers for Sunday 4th July 2021

God of all, we thank you for this day filled with newness of opportunity, life and time to spend in communion with you. Time to spend in your presence. Time to spend in worship. For where would we rather be? We thank you for independence, to make our own choices and to follow your uniqueContinue reading “Prayers for Sunday 4th July 2021”

Prayers for Pride Month

Triune God, whose very essence is mystery, fluid, relational. We thank you for all of the varied and beautiful ways this is expressed in our humanity. For those who stand proud with their loved one, in same sex union of any kind. We thank you for the steps towards wider acceptance, and we ask youContinue reading “Prayers for Pride Month”

United … but Together?

As I have been reflecting on recent weeks, and the discussions around embracing diversity, I keep coming back to the idea of unity. How can we ever find unity if we invite so many voices to the table? I can almost begin to understand the gatekeepers who want to only make decisions with those whoContinue reading “United … but Together?”

A Prayer for Sunday 2nd May 2021

God of Unity, today I am thankful for Community. I thank you for leaders who give their all, however much or little that may be, from whatever position that may be, to one person or many. Bless us all in our service to eachother and to you. I thank you for communities where all areContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 2nd May 2021”

A Prayer for Sunday 25th April 2021

Like a gull soars over the ocean, roaming watchfully, may your gaze soar over us. Like a dolphin plays gracefully in the waves, dancing lightly, may your Spirit dance with us. Like a child watching the sand trickle through their fingers, gasping in awe, may we always stand in awe of you. Like a crabContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 25th April 2021”