A Prayer for Sunday 23rd August 2020

Father, sometimes we don’t know if we’re doing more harm than good. Yet you call us to speak truth to power. Jesus, sometimes we don’t know if we’re causing more pain than we should. Yet you turn the table alongside us. Me, I sometimes just want to be quiet, still my words and hold myContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 23rd August 2020”

A Prayer for Sunday 16th August 2020

Abba, You who loves dearly all You created, however they look, feel, identify or express themselves, we thank You for your unfailing, unyielding, uncompromising adoration which holds us when we stumble, cradles us when we weep and enfolds us when we lean in. We lean in now Spirit as we pause at the end ofContinue reading “A Prayer for Sunday 16th August 2020”

Those ‘Clobber’ Verses: Afterthoughts

So, after yesterday’s epic post on the Clobber versus used to teach against homosexuality, I wanted to end the week by pointing to some resources which give us positive teaching, verses we can use to celebrate diversity and difference, break the shackles of old covenant teaching (if we believe homosexual behaviour is prohibited under this)Continue reading “Those ‘Clobber’ Verses: Afterthoughts”

Those ‘Clobber’ Verses: Discussion

Having given lots of context in my blog yesterday, which I urge you to read before you read this one, I’m going to dive straight in today. I’m going to look at the main verses of the Bible used to teach against homosexuality and gender fluidity in the order they appear, and discuss one alternativeContinue reading “Those ‘Clobber’ Verses: Discussion”

Those ‘Clobber’ Verses: Foreword

This couplet of blogs has been brewing for a very long time. Months of study, prayer, making notes, revising them, reading various versions of the Bible and supporting texts. I’m going to do my best to lay out the distilled version of what has led me to move from a stance of passive uncertainty aroundContinue reading “Those ‘Clobber’ Verses: Foreword”