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#MayWriteABit and Beyond

I always used to love using a fountain pen at school, especially when you got to ‘pop’ a new cartridge!

Today is the 1st June, marking the end of #MayWriteABit, the project which birthed this blog. It’s been a fascinating experience, learning how much writing means to me! Apart from illness, I’ve written every single day, and it has become a central part of my lockdown life. Not just the writing, but also the research and reading (my reading wish list is growing by the day! – If you’re interested in what I’m hoping to read do take a peek, and any further suggestions would be welcomed.)

So will I continue now we’re into June? Absolutely. In this last month I have applied (and have been accepted!) to do some writing work for a devotional app, and I’ve been part of a really lovely creative project with The Broken Church. Usually when asked to do something creative my go to would be a song, but on this occasion it felt more authentic to do a photograph and some writing. What freedom to have a choice, and to be able to express myself in different ways. What joy!

It is also wonderful to have my own little space in which I can externally process, put things together, wonder, discover and suggest. Thank you for indulging me in this! It’s been a blessing to know some of my little ramblings have been a blessing to those reading, and gives me the encouragement I need to go forward in full confidence I’m not just writing for me, but that my writing is a tool for God to work in the lives of Their children.

I’ve discovered new voices and new perspectives I’d not heard or understood before. I’ve made links with people and organisations which will bear much fruit in times to come. I’ve realised my voice has a place in the chorus calling for change, and I’m proud to add it.

So, if you’ll forgive the indulgence, I’ll keep writing!

Peace be with you.

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Hello, I’m Rebecca! I am a neurodivergent cishet woman living with Long Covid. I am a qualified and registered Music Therapist, and a Tutor. My specialist interests are faith, spirituality, music and social justice (including safeguarding). I write when I feel like it and have the ‘spoons’. I co-lead the online faith community The Ordinary Office, and write for various blogs, books and resources as required.

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