An Unexpected Oasis

Last Monday I had a fall. I’ve not left the house since. However we had planned a Fathers Day walk to one of my husband’s favourite places in the world, so I girded my loins and off we went. The longest drive I’ve done since Covid restrictions began, a good half hour scramble up a steep hill, and we arrived at a little known beach at the top of a hill in Yorkshire. Lovely.

But also very windy. Very very windy. As the beach is set down in an old mill pond, it is usually well protected but today the angle of the wind was whipping across the water and it felt like our brains were being shaken up between our ears. My husband and daughter threw on their swimming costumes and got in up to their waist, my son and I huddled like penguins and watched the birds. A short but sweet visit to the beach, before we then dashed back down the hill a little for respite.

After managing a picnic watching the murmurations of the birds whirl around us, we headed back down the hill. The children took the lead and picked a path down ahead of us. The sun began to shine down through the clouds, and as we followed a new path we came across a beautiful pool surrounded by small white flowers we had never seen before. I just had to stop. The water was so clear, and peaceful, even from the path as we looked down we could see the bottom. The air was calmer, the soundscape so peaceful. It was such a blessing.

In that moment, I felt the first true peace I’ve felt all week.

In the midst of God’s creation, in that wide open space with the rolling hills and lush vibrant flora, my heart leaped in worship and I sang out 10,000 Reasons from the depth of my soul.

Since we got home I have done absolutely nothing, my exhaustion has kicked in and I know I have spent all my spoons for today. But I’m quietly content as I type, knowing that this evening may need to be a quiet one, but I’ve spent my spoons well.

Peace be with you.

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