A Prayer for Sunday 9th August 2020

Oh God, your world is tired. I’m tired. So tired I can hardly write.

Oh God, your world is tired. Give us hope. Draw our attention to the ways you are working to bless your people, through community projects, support groups and neighbours doing amazing things for thise around them. Focus our minds on all that is good, so that we may build the strength in our hearts to love others as we are loved by you.

Oh God, your world is tired. Give us faith there will be an end to the sadness we see and the frustration we feel. Strengthen our faith in You, in your word and your Spirit, that we may rest easier knowing you have us in your care. Ease our grief and tensions, call us back to you, time and time and time again, in pursuit of deeper and fuller and stronger and more vibrant relationship.

Oh God, your world is tired; flood us with your steadfast love. The love that refreshes and revives like no earthly substance can. The love that holds us in a place of knowing, where despair is understood but peace is offered and the two can authentically co-exist. The love that offers us a glimpse of the Heaven we are going home to once our journey here is over, so we may revel in the sweetness and know whatever we suffer we are not alone on our path towards Home.


Peace be with you.

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