A Prayer for Sunday 23rd August 2020

Father, sometimes we don’t know if we’re doing more harm than good. Yet you call us to speak truth to power.

Jesus, sometimes we don’t know if we’re causing more pain than we should. Yet you turn the table alongside us.

Me, I sometimes just want to be quiet, still my words and hold my silence, in the hope peace will come. But then I look at the injustice I therefore become complicit in and it and weep.

Spirit, how can I look in the pages of my Bible and not cry out against discrimination?

Mother, how can I look into the eyes of my children and not speak out for a better Church for them?

Father, Jesus, Spirit, Mother, Thou within us and we looking to Thou. Guide us to what breaks your heart and give us the words, the deeds, the ways you have planned for us to act in your great plan to heal it. Heal our world. Heal eachother.


Peace be with you.

Published by Rebecca

I am a Music Therapist and Worship Leader with The Ordinary Office, a Writer, Seeker and Learner. I have a special interest in music and spirituality, and I believe that Jesus' message of love for one another supersedes religious rules and doctrines that harm.

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