Mind, Body and Spirit

Who knew a pot of cream could bring a spiritual awakening?!

I have body issues. I spent a lot of time in my 20s with bad theology, learning that spirit was good, body was bad. I am now spending time in my 30s with more gracious theology and the learning of more holistic approaches to therapy training behind me, that without a balance of mind, body and spirit, we can never be in a true state of well-being, or have abundant life.

When it comes to things for me, I rarely treat myself just for the sake of it. I don’t often wear make up or scents. I buy clothes but mainly in the search for items that will make me feel less frumpy. The beauty industry is a multi-million dollar money pit I rarely throw my pennies into. But recently, a friend invited me to support her in a beauty business venture, and (long story short) I ended up with a rather large pot of very delicate, very smooth, lightly scented body cream, witha body I never put cream on to use it with…

It sat there, on my bedside table, for days. Even that was progress from shoving it in a drawer, right? I mean, I’m a busy Mam, I don’t have time to use it, but it looks nice. Maybe if it’s there, the opportunity may present itself?!

Indeed, one day, it did. One day, I found had a rare leisurely morning to myself where I could take a little extra time than usual in my routine, and the pot of exquisite, fluffy cream was staring at me. So I opened it and took out a little. I started with my neck, and just lightly trailed a little down the side, not really knowing what to do…

Until I caught my own eye in the mirror (and fought back a cringe!) and said out loud, out of the blue ‘You are worth this’! Where did that come from? How odd. However, it came from somewhere. So I went with it. I started from the top, worked my way to the tips of my toes, and prayed affirmations over my body as I went. Mind. Body. Spirit. Wow.

I felt spaced out all day! Something had shifted in me. I had faced something deep within me and for once had given myself a little compassion. It felt good. I vowed I’d do it every morning!

Of course I didn’t. I won’t. But I’ll do it every so often, when I can. My mind is super well fed. My spirit is a constant focus. But unless I start to care for my body too, it won’t ever balance, and it won’t ever be as God planned.

Peace be with you.

Published by Rebecca

I am a Music Therapist, Worship Leader and Theologian with The Ordinary Office, an online community for disabled and disenfranchised Christians. As a writer, seeker and learner, I have a special interest in music and spirituality, and I believe that Jesus' message of love for one another supersedes religious rules and doctrines that harm. Focusing on inclusive and liberation theologies, through a lens of disability and trauma-informed approaches, I take my lived experiences and transform pain into action, living out God's call upon my life as a 'Twitter Mystic' and 'Prophetic Voice' - although I just get on with calling things as I see them without the fancy labels, really. I hope you find something here which interests and challenges you. Feel free to contact me for discussion any time!

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