A Prayer for Sunday 30th August 2020

The Spirit is moving. Let us act.

God, a new time is coming. Lockdowns are lifting, schools and buildings are reopening, steps toward life as we used to know it continue. Tentatively. Cautiously. With trepidation.

The Spirit is moving. Let us act.

God, bring us together, give us the strength to support eachother and meet eachother’s needs. As we hold our own needs before you, may we trust you hear and will meet them, as we lay ourselves open for you to guide us to meet the needs of others.

The Spirit is moving. Let us act.

God, we pray and we act. Give is wisdom to know when the time is right for each. Open the ears of our heart to you. May we always know Your call on our lives. when that is to move and to serve, and even more so when that call is to simply be, here, with You.


Peace be with you

Published by Rebecca

I am a Music Therapist and Worship Leader with The Ordinary Office, a Writer, Seeker and Learner. I have a special interest in music and spirituality, and I believe that Jesus' message of love for one another supersedes religious rules and doctrines that harm.

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