A Prayer for Sunday 13th September 2020

Joy. Often fleeting. Often desired. Often missed.

Spirit of Joy, stir in our hearts today and always. Lead us to moments of Joy throughout our daily experience, and highlight them as they appear. Raise our eyes from the dimness and the tears, the frustrations and the fear, to the moments of clarity and the seconds of silence where we can truly experience the knowing of Joy. The knowing of You.

Spirit of Joy, dance with us today and always. Lead us to move with the sense of the sounds around us, or hold in stillness the sense of grace. Lift our souls from the heaviness of worldy experience and into the lightness of the divine, that in us the two may find a place to meet and balance.

Spirit of Joy, come to us today and always. Encourage us that You are ours to have whenever we tune into You. You are constant, ever present, available and calling our names. Even in the midst of darkness, if night, the sun still shines.

Joy still sings.


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