Deconstructing Church

Writing my way to an inclusive and affirming Church

A Prayer for Sunday 20th September 2020

God who creates, who created all things and inspires us to create with our own bodies, be with us now.

Breathe new life into our weary souls, that we may be inspired afresh, and renewed to create again.

May we reach beyond the limitations of what we know, explore beyond what is readily available, and search for what is just a little bit further away, with open minds in awe of the beauty we do not yet have descriptions for.

Give us understanding that difference holds possibility not fear, the embracing of which brings learning not disconnect, and the result if which is growth not pain.

May you be at the centre of all situations where growth is stunted, pain is flowing and conflict abounds, Parent of All. Help us to create new dialogues, new beginnings, new communities. and may you bring blessings of sweet peace to all.


Peace be with you

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About Me

Hello, I’m Rebecca! I am a neurodivergent cishet woman living with Long Covid. I am a qualified and registered Music Therapist, and a Tutor. My specialist interests are faith, spirituality, music and social justice (including safeguarding). I write when I feel like it and have the ‘spoons’. I co-lead the online faith community The Ordinary Office, and write for various blogs, books and resources as required.

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