I need to Write, I need to Pause

I am so very tired right now. The world is exhausting. The news is relentless and overwhelming. Shepherding my family through this season is taking so much of my strength, and I thank God for Their well of replenshment freely offered or I don’t know what I would do quite frankly!

God got sick and tired too. I mean, even though They are eternal and all powerful, They took a day off after making the world just to rest and enjoy it. Just to be with it, experience it, vibe with it. What was the point otherwise? If that were me, I have no doubt by hour 3 I’d be annoyed at myself at the crookedness of Cornwall, or wishing I’d made Japan bigger, but thankfully God is bigger than just one number on the Enneagram list!

They also got fed up of the news coming from the world, and what the people were doing in it. A good old twitter thread wasn’t invented in the time of the ancient israelites of course, so God sent Prophets to share Their opinions and tell Their people to change. In Isaiah 1, God tells Their people They are fed up, of offerings that weren’t ethically sourced and not fully intentioned (v.13), of man made festivals (Talk like a Pirate Day anyone?) and that ‘even though you make many prayers I will not hear you; your hands are full of blood.’ (v. 15, Lamsa’s translation from the Peshitta).

So what is the solution? ‘Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord’. (v. 18). This passage also contains the more familiar passages about being washed as white as snow (v.16) and pleading for the fatherless (v.17), but it is underlined by the invitation to come and sit with God. To talk.

I am reminded of when my own children are absolutely driving me to despair, and the only thing left to do is call a family film, curl up on the sofa, draw us all together and reunite in a calm and peaceful way so we can then move forward on the other side.

So, I need to write, but I also need to rest. I need to give God my worship in my blogging, but I need to do so authentically. Much of the time at the minute, we are just sitting together in stunned silence at the world around us, and that’s perfectly ok.

God has it. God has me.

Peace be with you.

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