A Prayer for Sunday 8th November 2020 – Remembrance Sunday

Today, we remember.

All those who have died in warfare, as combatants or civilians.

Today we remember.

All those scarred by warfare, physically and mentally, and by the challenges of returning home to a world that just doesnt’t make sense any more.

Today we remember.

All those areas where war is still life, reality, daily existence, and we cry out for peace in those lands.

Today we remember.

All those campaigning tirelessly to end weapons production and sales, politiking and economic trading where lives of innocents are seen as acceptable marginal risk.

Today we remember.

May we never forget your call to be peacemakers, God, and may we always seek to speak truth to power, represent what is just and folow your call on our lives, in the hope we never again have lists of names, wasted and thrown away, to remember.


Peace be with you

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