Deconstructing Church

Writing my way to an inclusive and affirming Church

A Prayer for Sunday 17th January 2021

God who sees all we do, think and are, we lay all our efforts before you today.

When all seems futile and the bigger picture seems overwhelming, may we keep on walking our unique path with You.

When our work is criticised and our products rebuked, when our motives questioned and our characters misunderstood, may we keep on walking our unique path with You.

When we run short on energy, wisdom and patience, may we lean into You for Yours, knowing all good things come from you and from you good things come, so that we may keep on walking our unique path with You.

We may not always know where we are going, or how, why or when, but we can always know it is with You. Bless us this day and always as we give our best efforts to waking humbly, one step at a time, in the knowledge our journey is individual, important, meaningful, and part of this blessed creation story that stretches throughout time, beginning and ending with You.


Peace be with you.

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Hello, I’m Rebecca! I am a neurodivergent cishet woman living with Long Covid. I am a qualified and registered Music Therapist, and a Tutor. My specialist interests are faith, spirituality, music and social justice (including safeguarding). I write when I feel like it and have the ‘spoons’. I co-lead the online faith community The Ordinary Office, and write for various blogs, books and resources as required.

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