A Prayer for Sunday 24th January 2021

God of Justice, God of Hope, we look to you today.

Thank you for those who work tirelessly to bring justice and restoration to your people here on earth. Those who do so quietly, in foodbanks and rape crisis centres. Those who do so loudly on TV interviews and social media. All at personal cost, and all from a sense that this must be put right. May we always be a people that seek to put right what does not come from You.

Thank you for those who continue to do their bit, even though they are exhausted, depressed, isolated. For those who continue to engage in communities they are wounded by, in the hope they can bring change. For those who have no strength left to act but still turn up to bear witness, for to witness is to notice and to notice is to care. And when strength is restored, may their stories bring reform of all that does not come from You.

Thank you for those who are hopeless, for they are so beloved. Bless them today, God of Joy. May they know today there is light in the morning, however long the night, and while the darkness endures they are not alone. Call them into Your communities today God, online, via support groups, a compassionate friend. Nudge us with your Spirit to be that person to someone in need today, and ease some of the loneliness that does not come from You.

Pour Your love and compassion into us in abundance so we may share with others and bring Your kin-dom to this world today. For this is what comes from You and we embrace it in Your name.


Peace be with you

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