A Prayer for Sunday 31st January 2021

God of Hope, when there is little to be found, we look to you this day.

We look to you the week the UK passed 100,000 deaths from Covid-19, a grim milestone unimaginable at the start, and wholly preventable. So much lost hope, despair and anguish. Reignite in us the hope, joy and peace that comes from truly knowing You.

We turn to you one month into lockdown, as children falter and teachers tire, as parents crumble under the weight of all they have to manage and as relationships are strained to breaking point. Ease the burden and soothe our souls, as we enter into the life-giving and restorative rest that can only be found in communion with You.

We lean into you as uncertain futures and a year of disruption take their toll on our mental heath and ability to maintain a positive outlook. Give us the strength to reach into our communities, online, through phonecalls, texts, letters, on our exercise walks, finding connections and keeping motivated to nurture belonging. Call us to action and motivate us to social justice as we seek to open our hearts to the causes that move Yours.

God of Hope, where there is little to be found, may we be that hope to someone this day and every day.


Peace be with you

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