Prayers for Sunday 4th July 2021

God of all, we thank you for this day filled with newness of opportunity, life and time to spend in communion with you. Time to spend in your presence. Time to spend in worship. For where would we rather be?

We thank you for independence, to make our own choices and to follow your unique calling on our lives. To follow what we know to be true and just, to follow the ‘Way’. To hear you speak into our hearts and have the independence to actively say ‘Yes, God. I’m in’.

We thank you that you bless our endeavours when we step out in faith. That from small seeds, great things grow. We celebrate the amazing dreams you have for us, if we only trust in you enough to follow each stepping stone you lay before us, secure in the knowledge there will be another beyond it.

Today, I choose to thank and celebrate. There is much to mourn, fear, concern, stress, upset, hurt and worry. But today I am more capable of joy and thanksgiving than many. So today, Jesus, we shall revel in it all, together. Come, Holy Spirit, Come.


Peace (and Joy) be with You

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