The Gospel as you’ve Never Heard it Before!

Recently, I was introduced to The Beatbox Gospel by Rev’d Gav Tyte. I was raised in the classical music tradition. and the one beatbox training session I had for my Music Therapy course was more hilarity than success. However, I have used it to connect with people in my work, my son and I have an incredible ‘Charmander Rap’ on video for his 18th birthday party, and I love the way beatboxing can open doors in a way other forms of expression cannot.

Cue my very confused husband walking in on me joyfully beatboxing the Magnificat in full Sister Act 2 style with pure joy in my heart and tears in my eyes.

This work is a piece of art. It is beautifully constructed, and wholly true to the essence of the Gospel of Luke. The care which has been taken to make it as accessible and usable as possible was plain to see, and it has been a true pleasure to explore. What a fresh and vibrant way to engage wirh familiar texts!

You can download a recording of Rev’d Gav himself performing, or a script for your own perusal – but don’t just read it, this work is meant for ‘lectio divina’ as it has never been done before! Find it at and enjoy!

(Rev’d Gav is a member of our Ordinary Office community, this is not a review for commercial gain but purely a blog sharing how fab I think his work is!!)

Peace be with you

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