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International Women’s Day 2023

Cross Stitch image of a japanese woman in traditional kimono, with the title 'Sakura' and a pink border.

I have some incredible women in my life. Before I even started to write today, I reflected on them all and realised just how blessed I have been by women. Women who live all over the UK, and even beyond. Women who send me little gifts when they see things that remind them of me. Women who came together to craft bunting for my wedding. Women who have been by my side through the worst moments of my life, and still are. Women who have helped me care for my children, have cared for me when I couldn’t care for myself very well. Amazing women.

Like the woman who inspired me, through her own story of being a single mum in the 1960s, to cope when I found myself a single mum too.

Like the woman who took care of my child one day a week so I could get back into work.

Like the women who formed a small online community together while our children were small, and still love eachother today.

Like the woman who is so incredibly beautiful, happy and perfectly herself now she is recognised as female, rather than male as she was assigned at birth, she has revealed the full beauty of trans-ness to me.

Like the non-binary person who appears as a woman but has come to understand themselves differently, and resists challenges daily to fully live into themselves.

Like the women in my family who are strong, bold and beloved to me. Even the little woman I am parenting who frustrates me and makes me immensely proud all at the same time.

Like the women who have loved me for decades, even though we are hardly old enough to have friendships that long.

Like the women who have ministered to me, as priests, as lay fellows and as friends.

Like the woman who didn’t know me, but complimented me on my dress one day when I was at my lowest, and gave me life.

Like the woman who interviewed me as I gave video evidence for a trial, and made a horrific experience manageable.

Like the sisters I never had, who became my sisters through marriage and who I love dearly.

Like the women who walked alongside Christ and gave his story life.

Womanhood encompasses so many facets. I don’t believe any of those compete. I celebrate them all.

Peace be with you.

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